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What is a Cache?

A cache is a method of storing previously retrieved information for a certain amount of time temporarily. For AllEvents, when the first user requests a Joomla page with a AllEvents (or plugin) on it, the data is retrieved from the database or calendar source. This takes time. Time to retrieve and process the information. When a second user requests the same page and the cache is enabled, the information is pulled from the cache (memory) instead of the original source. This is faster and uses less server resources. However, the information will be minutes old. For most users the delay is not noticed. If you are responsible to update the calendar, you might not see the update for several minutes after you made the change. This may upset some users that want to see their changes immediately. Turning off the cache will show changes more quickly but can slow your site down considerably.

Joomla has a caching system as does AllEvents and other extensions, they will be explained more deeply in the next chapters.

Global Joomla Cache

The best cache option for your site is the cache plugin, which caches the whole page. Means that no PHP code is executed at all, will relax your server and deliver the pages faster.

You may find Joomla's cache settings in the Global Configuration > System tab.


Off - Caching Disabled
On - Conservative Caching
On - Progressive Caching

No caching
Some caching
Most caching

Cache Handler File
Alternative PHP Caching
Data saved as a file on your server
Data saved as per your PHP settings
Cache Time 15 (minutes or 900 seconds) Longer times = faster site and less up to date

For more information see this article from Joomla -

AllEvents Cache

Every AllEvents modules use the standard recommandations and allow to specify the Cache parameters.


Why do not display your events as a "Google maps" map in your website... It's the Aurélien idea for his website

He has downloaded and installed the last version of AllEvents.

After a menu creation, here is the result:

Read more: Why do not display your events as a "Google maps" map in your website?

The agenda


The agenda ist the most important topic of AllEvents, the richest one in features too: you can assign to an agenda a thumbnail, a color, a template, a description model, ... and all other topics are all dependant ones: an activity, a target public, a section are second level information of an agenda.

As soon as you want group your events depending on a criteria (school, sportive cultural, associatif, ...), the agenda topic is designed for that.


The venue

The venue is dependant on your event. You can create your venue directly from an address and you can fine tune the exact localisation on a map (very usefaul when the meeting point is on a beah...). The venues allow to display your events based on a Google map view more much plus fun and visual to your users!


Now, you can create and customize your first events  with these two unavoidable elements.



Page presenting the module mod_aeuikit slider display.

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