AllEvents provides infinite scroll in the events list with navigation. A demo : List events with Infinite scroll

A simple parameter "Infinite scroll" in the display and you provide a new way to navigate to your visitors.

OK. But what is the "Infinite Scroll" ?

The Infinite Scroll

More and more websites incorporate a feature known as "infinite scroll": if we scroll down, it loads more and more content, preventing us to reach the footer. In these website, every time we think we reach the bottom of the page, a new set of posts is loaded. This is an approach opposed to traditional pagination, which consists of dividing the total of entries into separate pages. The infinite scroll is a smart way to add blogs, online stores and other content sites to the one-page fashion, but is it really convenient?


  • Practicality:Websites with a high social component (such as social networks and collaborative platforms) add, second by second, a huge volume of content generated by users. Nobody will pretend to read all the content that was published in them from the beginning. Therefore, it can be useless to split the file into thousands of pages.
  • Speed: Loading publications progressively on the same page is often faster than loading new pages of archive.
  • Visibility: We rarely think of moving to the second page of a blog file or a list of search results. But with infinite scroll, even the old publications easily come to light.


  • Lack of control: The paginated approach allows us to know exactly where we stand. If in a blog we would like to read the events of May 2017 and we did not have shortcuts to the monthly files, we could need hours of scroll to get where we want.
  • Little stability: If a large amount of content has already been loaded, the browser is likely to run out of memory and collapse.
  • Disorientation: A user may want, for some reason, to access the footer of the page, but this will not exist or will be unreachable until all the content has been loaded. The infinite scroll can lead to a frustrating experience.

Before implementing infinite scroll, we must analyze if it really improves the user experience beyond being an aesthetically striking feature.