When Charles provided me a magic list of applications for web development, he didn't think that it was containing a tool that could completely change the customer relationship of your website. Surprizing from a specialist in this domain. However, its' the reality.  C'est pourtant une réalité. The person that might transform your product in a pburchase operation needs to be supported at this main moment.

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Why a chat live tool is important in a web project

Imagine you to launch a product or an AllEvents event. IIt's the top event of the year that will fulfill the treasury of your association or your customer. If questions raise or  issues impede to transform the visitor into a buyer, this chat live can save sales. 

Answer quiclkly or delegate

Thanks to, you remain connected 24h/24h with your prospects. Your relational qulity depends on this kind of tool. Youn can get back comfortable transformation rates. By delegating during this promotional period with a virtual support service you ensure the serenity and quality of your services. Don't forget that the prices corresponds to the service of the customer experience. And experience starts with the first view of your website.

Link the solution to AllEvents

By linking the solution to AllEvents crisp will be able to bring you more customers because it's accessible from everywhere(Smartphone... ). AllEvents will provide you the relay for all the event management part. It's the reason why I advice you to downlaod it.

An AllEvents advice is an applied advice

As soon as said, as soon as done. Crisp is implemented in the website and henceforth you can contact us and ask questions as soons as you can. 

For Premium users, nothingh like a LiveChat with AllEvents support! Stop to the forums, bitbucket, mails, Welcome in the real time (howver hal real).

Why to have selected Crisp 

Whyi crisp? Simply because it's a solution very simple to implement. It's free of charge and with a lot of useful features! The LiveChat is available on Android that makes the support vailable everytime from you smartphone.

How it runs?

After having selected the tool, let see how to implement in AllEvents... We can integrate a piece of Javascript code in every page. A WordPress plugin (that provides a better integration) exists, but nothing for Joomla!

Fortunately, the customer focal point is as performant as their tool

Contact is taken with crisp support: "What do you think about crisp plugin for Joomla ?", Answer in the next 3 minutes "OK ! We will need to adjust the server part". 30 minutes later the plg_system_crisp plugin  was developped and installed on AllEvents3.com. With a simple website_id parameter and a link to the crisp website, the dialogbox is avilable on the site for Premium users. by a click at the page bottom, the relationship betwwen the user and the AllEvents support is estbalished.

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Free of charge, fast to install, efficient, connected to the smartphone. what more to ask.We have here a true tool that will help you in your projects and and that is already used in our project. I remind you that this artcle is not sponsorized and the only goal is to improve your efficciency in your Joomla. Go to this weblink to better understand its 22 years creator.