2017 is coming soon, come back a little bit on the 2016 year rich for AllEvents 

An enforced communication and visibility

AllEvents is an events and agenda manager for Joomla.

We know and you know this… The question that is raised is « How to do it know to other Joomla users? »

In order to begin tp answer this question, a new AllEvents website has been built, more design, more responsive, more SEO… AllEvents has also changed its communication components (acyMailing to send the newsletters) and  products delivery (RD-Subs has replaced CB-Subs).

Add also two new little vidéos as a whiteboard to present our component is less than one minute. Of course, these are our first steps in the digital discovery and its adapted communication.

About Joomla community events, AllEvents was also bronze partner of 2016 Joomla Days 2016 FR in Paris last April.

A team that grows

Charles  Jean Pierre

First Charles gas been coming to his end-of-study traineeship with usavec nous. Charles is a pure marketing in the spirit, he has known how to propose now topics  to clean up the  the d’AllEvents catalog and to make more consistent. AllEvents is not a product with amarketing team dedicated toi the internet survey ... Charles has succeeded to raise this question "Can we do more with the current means?" 

Secondly,  lieu Jean Pierre who is mostly a non professionalMarseille scuba diver (see his article for more information) has begun to help us for the d’AllEvents integration. Since the beginning 2016, he translate in english all the website articles. Many thanks to himl!

New features

Users of premium version have seen the disposal of new displal as the display of events as a "Google Maps" map and the display as a dynamic grid.

The common topic betwwen these two news? The idea comes from AllEvents users, users as you! Aurélien from t2area.com who wished provide to his wbebusers a French events map on the map of the France has proposed the display mode as a map. Eric from salsa04.com who wished display his events around dance in his website has proposed the display mode as a dynamic grid.

For the 2017 year, what can we wish to AllEvents ? It remains itself : a component for and with his users

AllEvents needs you

You want improve one out of the AllEvents display modes?

You have in main a new display or a new feature for your events and you wish to share it with the  AllEvents community?

You have seen a display mode that should be perfect with your events?

Feel free: get in touch with us! It will be a pleasure to study your proposal and try to implement it to share it with the community.