Unless you are a designer, the progressions you will see with Joomla 4 are in the UI. There is another default format called Aurora and another admin template called Atum. Joomla 4 will move to the Bootstrap 4 structure, while Joomla 3 is right now on Bootstrap 2.

Joomla 4 will require PHP 7

Will it be difficult to update?

In all probability, NO!. The team are working so tirelessly to guarantee the move up to Joomla 4 as impeccable as would be prudent. As you will observe in the screenshots underneath, the contents of the admin area are to a great extent unaltered. Any critical test to a smooth update could be followed to your template.

I effectively installed Wright Framework on Joomla 4, however, the product didn't come up on the frontend. After a couple of changes, it was settled and the Wright structure now keeps running on Joomla 4. It took just 20 minutes to move Wright to Joomla 4!

What does Joomla 4 look like?

I downloaded the advancement branch of Joomla 4 from Github. Here's a screenshot of the landing page subsequent to introducing Joomla 4. This is the Aurora template. Aurora proceeds with the space theme after Solarflare in 1.0,

Milkyway in 1.5 and Protostar in 3.

Being straightforward, I didn't make the most of my first involvement with Atum. The design was not completely responsive yet. Also, Atum appears like a busier and more claustrophobic design than Joomla 3. The left-hand menu is a

noteworthy issue. It is conceivable to display three levels of menu to see similar links twice:

In the wake of testing Joomla 4, I started getting feedbacks on Atum to present to the Joomla group on Github. On the splendid side, there are some pleasant touches in Atum, for example, the notification box:

Need to find out about Joomla 4?

George Wilson, the pioneer developer of Joomla 4, spoke at Joomla Day, London on what to expect in Joomla 4

He delivered an outstanding presentation at JandBeyond where he delved more into the templating system in Joomla 4.

The presentation offered clarifications on how you can set up your extension for Joomla 4.

As a result, don't falter to look at this presentation on the new media manager in Joomla 4, which will utilize the hot new Javascript framework, Vue.js. Recently, there has been a major open deliberation in WordPress about whether to utilize React.js or Vue.js. The core team appear to incline toward React, nonetheless, there has been a tremendous groundswell of help for Vue.js, which is less demanding to learn.


Joomla 4 won't be available for use anytime soon. There isn't even an alpha variation of Joomla 4 yet, in addition to this, it depends on Bootstrap 4 which is still in an Alpha version.

There is a ton to expect in Joomla 4, including the potential for smooth updates and moving to Bootstrap 4 - totally recent design framework.

Provided that you are a Joomla 3 client, you can continue taking a shot at your site, spare the conviction that you likely won't have to update in another year or more. But if you are feeling gutsier, then download the current pre-alpha release of Joomla 4, give it a try and drop your feedback.