2018 is just coming, come back a little bit to this 2017 year rich for AllEvents

Although AllEvents has kept its mindset (events and calendar manager for Joomla), AllEvents has been strengthening in 2017.


After sveral years, AllEvents is still not worldwide known. AllEvents is mailny used in France and french speaking countries. So, we have published a set of english articles written by an american woman. Why ? Simply that the AllEvents wwebsite has a high quality related to the Calendar, Event, Management keywords. A big SEO continuous quite daily work...

At the beginning of the analysis report of the website leaded to a simple status: Few articles, technial communication, articles not so mluch SEO, few links with another websites... SO, we have put in place some actions that begin to be
efficient. I repat again, it's a long and daily journey.


Documentation is a weak topic of AllEvents. In 2017, Frequenty Asked Questions and a dedicated documentation environment related to AllEvents components have been settled. The english written documentation begins to be very complete.

A first satisfaction survey

A complete report is available in the website. I just highlight the main 2018 objective :

Improvement of communication between the orgnaizer and the registered people,  "Mail sending, reminders are highly requested". It will be the main improvement of AllEvents in 2018. "

New features

The premium version users have taken advantage of new improvements like interaction of AllEvents with Google, Facebook, Twiter. Many thanks to our two sponsors: Aurélien from t2area.com and Eric from salsa04.com. AllEvents takes advantage from the optimization work of their website.

What can we wish more to AllEvents in 2018? That the last bornt AllEvents Magnet takes off.

AllEvents needs you 

Do you want to improve one of the AllEvents display modes?

Do you have in mind a new display mode or a new feature to manage your events and you want to share it with AllEvents community?

Have you seen a new display mode that would fit your display wishes ?

Feel free to get in touch with us! We will be pleased to check your proposal and to attempt to share it with everybody.