We are happy to inform you taht before the end of July, the new  AllEvents 3 version will be published.

Several features will come and especially:

  • A new main administration screen to make easier the visualization  of your current and future events
  • A new events management screen that prioritize your topics
  • Multi language implementation fo events to provide tha capability to your events to be international. 
  • A code review by friends of Joomla community
  • A code cleanup in order to no longer use PHP or Joomla function deprecated in the current versions.

Version is now available in test mode. Although it's stable we don't advice an installation on a production site. If you want be included in the test phase, feel free to get in touch with us!

In the meanwhile, we wish you happy holidays.

We stil are available thanks to the new relationship and chat tool.



Why become a Beta tester?

We are looking for beta--testers in order to have more relevant feedback and exit the workshop to show the enhancement, needs, roadmaps. Currently (June 2016), we are looking for beta--testers for the main screen of AllEvents. 

How become a Beta Tester member?

You own a premium version and you want to attend the adventure. Feel free to conact us thru the support or this link .

Vous n'êtes pas seul

Once the relationship performed, you will own an installation process. Moreover, it will be the opportunity to discuss around our preferred CMS. As the beta-testers community, you will have the beta versions taking into account your needs. 

The 3.4 version is in development phase for almost 2 months.

You will find in this article a presentation of the 2 main enhancements of this new version:

  • A new design of the main screen (you can keep the former design)
  • A new design of the events screen: a calendar mode

New main screen

3.4 capture1

This screen is displayed with 3 widgets :

  • A calendar widget: with a month, week, day, meeting display mode
  • A widget with the main buttons 
  • A widget displaying the additional data

3.4 capture2

The mmeting displya mode displays the events of the day in a slider. It can display too your events in a full screen mode whatever your option choice of events display. 

New events screen: Calendar

3.4 capture3

A display mode that provides the navigation in the events. A events creation by drag and drop on the left. By clicking on an event, you access the next screen that displays the event with update (or deletion) capability. 

3.4 capture4

In edit mode, you can update main data of the events(title, begin date, end date, calendar description).

3.4 capture5


As you can see, the main driver has been the workload decrease of people who manage simple events. This new basis should be completed  Comme vous pouvez le constater, le choix a été fait de simplifier la vie de la personne qui va saisir des évènements simples. Cette nouvelle base devrait être complétée stpe by step according to the event management tool enhancement.

AllEvents code is currently being cleaned, not because AllEvents code is not clean but quality code is not perfect.

Thanks to PHPStorm tool, AllEvents is refreshed on different topics:


  •  Code Indentation
  • Deletion of of obsoletes functions: JRequest becomes jInput, table->error, JArrayHelper becomes ArrayHelper, JString becomes StringHelper, JError becomes JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage()
  • CSS cleanup: CSS redundant properties
  • Optimisation of some parts of the code
  • Optimisation of PHPDoc (tags in the code in order to document in the best way the project)

Non regression tests are currently in progress in order to check all runs fine.