Yesterday AllEvents presentation at JoomlaDay France has been a success story. Let find it in the download page

News in the next AllEvents 3.4 version : online payment of your paid events.


New version ‪#‎AllEvents‬ 3.3.6 is available. It corrects (in addition of new features and small bugs) the incompliance raised with the version 3.5.1 of Joomla (mail sending at the registration)


Here is a short preview of what you will see tomorrow at JoomlaDay ‪#‎jd16fr. Let meet us tomorrow at 3.50 PM in Levallois Seforex zone 


In order to a better visibility of of AllEvents outside the french community, we have just moved to Come back on this harmless change (.fr to .com), risky (to not lose the ranking) and finally easy.

Act 1 : buy (rent) domain name

Easy part with We use his mastercard and in 2 minutes all is done.

Act 2 : become autonomous of current hosting.

Easy part with We use his mastercard and in 2 minutes all is done.

Act 3 : metaphysical questions...

I am told about DNS, redirect, 301, I have a hoster with one domain and I have two domains... I exchange with the community of Wallonie JUG...

Act 4 : Answers to questions

Tchat with hotline. Answer after only one exchange: "Just park url on" url. This actioon can be done directly from my configuration panel.

In the DNS, in www.bookmyname.comjust assign the two domains to the DNS provided by

Act 5 : google analytics, search console.

Last action performed : create the new wbesite .com in GA and SC and request to google a redirect 301 permanent between entre .fr and .com. We submitted the sitemap adresses and checking in 2-3 days to validate the whole process.

Act 6 : generation of AllEvents 3.3.5 version

Who says new version, says new features. In addition of the adjustment for new events payments, there mainly are new features in backend... I let you discover them.