A liitle article to come back to the adventure of new logo and the new graphic chart of AllEvents version 3. I advise you to visit the Sylvain website (daddy of these new pictures) phobosdesign and especially the page related to AllEvents.

SportingEvents at the beginning in 2009


Then AllEvents 1.5 in 2011 and AllEvents 2.5 in 2013



Then AllEvents 3.3 in 2015: you notice we have kept AE intials, grey and blue gradients from AllEvents while purfying the left logo. That's notions of blue and gray sleek pictograms which will be taken for all AllEvents buttons.

allevents largeur

To meet the different possibilities, the logo is available in vertical versionallevents hauteurand also in square version for images
allevents in 16x16.


A small personal glance: the new AllEvents 3 activities pictogram
activitymatches Sporting Events logo runners.

Many thanks to Sylvain for his continuous assisatnce because Sylvain provides a pictogram in line with other ones at every major new feature in AllEvents! If you sometimes need help like me for a pictogram design... don't hesitate :)





During cleaning of a Joomla hacked website, professionael scanner aeSecure (aka Nono for near friends) has identified three AllEvents that could weaken security of you website.

Only the AllEvents 3 version is concerned, the version AllEvents 2.5 version is not.

Concerned files by this issue are:

  1. /administrator/com_allevents/helpers/AEuploadICS.php
  2. /administrator/com_allevents/helpers/AEupload.php
  3. /media/com_allevents/pdf/external.php.

Note : if aeSecure is installed in your website, Nono block this kind of attack so-called LFI.

The weakness has been detected yesterday evening around 10.30 PM. Today, AllEvents 3.3.4 version is available to download to correct this minor weakness . The concerned files have been suppressed in this new version. The related features have been redesigned and still available.

I strongly recommend you to upgrade in 3.3.4 version.

PS : Premium version provide too some new features(events display, fullcalendar panel fully operational).


A continuous request

Several days to find the component compliant with the jquery and bootstrap of Joomla

Two hours of developement

and that is, multiple registrations are available in AllEvents for tester team. Displays are OK, management rules and paramaterization have to be implemented.

inscriptions multiples