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A critical vulnerability has been reported to Joomla and a fix will be given in Joomla 3.4.5, which is scheduled to be released on Thursday October 22nd.

AllEvents is not affected by this vulnerability, so no related AllEvents release is planned.

Security releases happen from time to time and the Joomla project is quickly responding to provide a solution. Please be prepared to apply this new release to all your Joomla 3.x sites as soon as it is released.

From 22/10/2015 allevents  historical web site will not be available to general public.

A page is left in order to concentrate Allevents communication in the web site

Many thanks to Christophe Avonture (cavo789) to have launched AllEvents adventure some years ago.


Existing slider of AllEvents was very basic.

Yannick has done a request to have a slider a little bit more "design". 3.3.3 premium version provides it. I present you the le Slider Featured. This slider gets back the poster of your event (or the thumbnail) with the main data of the event (title, date, calaendar...).

You wish to see in live : it's available in the page Slider Featured