Why do not display your events as a "Google maps" map in your website... It's the Aurélien idea for his website www.t2area.com.

He has downloaded and installed the last version of AllEvents.

After a menu creation, here is the result:

event gmaps

To achieve this result at your website, nothing so simple!

You need to have events to display:

- You must have defined agendas that will allow you to define your event bullets in the map but also to propose event filters to your users.

- You must have defined venues, thta will allow you to locate your events in the "Google Maps". For sure, these venues have to be geolocalized (longitude and latitude defined).


In order to display it, you must create a menu entry AllEvents / Liste d'événements with display mode "Events map". Of course, you can complete your display with the standard AllEvents filters.


This display mode interests you? Feel free to upgrade to the last version of AllEvents

Download AllEvents Premium