AllEvents Presentation

I perform a search in the website, but my events are not displayed?

AllEvents provides a "simple Search" plugin. Are tou sure to have activated the "search AllEvents" plugin in the admin panel...

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We often need a module to dsiplay events of a specific calendar, category... We sometimes need also to list the events of a single venue that we want to highlight.

With AllEvents, no need of a "Featured Venue" module to display the events of asepcific venue. The "List" module is designed in this purpose. You just have to declare in the backend your venue (or venues) in the filters of the module. By adding the number of events to display and assigning a title to your module, you can adjust it according to your need.

evenements AllEvents can display your events in calendar modules.

Here are the main parameters of the module.


The calendar provides seven kinds of display  :

  • Calendar + List
  • Calendrier simple
  • Design Calendario default
  • Design Zabuto
  • Design Calendario blue
  • Design Calendario transparent
  • Design eventCalendar

"Pivot Entity" option selects then entity Calendar/ Category / Activity that will be used to color the events in the calendar.

"Backcolor" option defines if the background color is the one from the entity background color or the entity text color. This can be useful when tou have colors  with a colorized background and a black text for every calandars.

"Start weekday" option select the first day of the week (Monday / Sunday). This option is useful for a french website with a module displayed for English people.

"Target Item Menu" permet d'associer un menu lors de l'affichage de l'évènement en pleine page.

Optional "Events Number" parameter is used in the display Calendar + List. It defines the number of events displayed in the list under the calendar.

Once tou have defined yours display modes, you can select the filters related to your events. In order to do that goto the "Filters" tag:


Filter your events by specifying related data. Filters are inclusive : if you select a data, only the events related to this event will be displayed.