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Open Graph protocol can complete any webpage of the website in an object enriched in social networks. Open Graph is especially used in Facebook. Since 3.3.4 version 3.3.4 of AllEvents, opengraph plugin can complete the webpage of every event with enriched data that are played by Facebook.


Got back data are:

  • og:title - Event title
  • og:type - Kind of event
  • og:image - Related picture of the event (poster, thumbnail, picture in the description,...)
  • og:url - Canonic URL of the event. So, ID of the event becomes the main element in the graph of the event
  • og:site_name - Website name
  • og:description - Event description

Le tout est modifiable dans les paramètres du plugin. Des valeurs par défaut sont possibles.



For sure, you have to define the ID of your facebook application in order that the event graph is got back in your facebook webpage.


You can also add manually other meta data you feel useful.


Want to test it yourself?

Goto the Facebook test webpage: and fulfill for example the URL

Override can substitute a file by another one in automatic way in Joomla . It can be used to complete an AllEvents displayed information for example..

This mini tutorial requests a limited knowledge of Joomla(developer).

How to proceed ?

You just have to simply add a file in your template and and consider the folders hierarchy.

We will use the so-called "protostar" template used for the website and not for the administration.

The themes of your website are located in the folder templates starting from the root (usually called www in you ftp tool.

Where locate my files ?

The override will be located in the folder templates/protostar/html.

In our example, we are going top override the webpage “event”. It’s located in the folder components/com_allevents/views/event/tmpl.

You just have to copy the files
from  components/
com_allevents/views/event/tmpl vers templates/protostar/html/com_allevents/event

The elements got back from the the tree are mentioned in blue and grey.

So, you have created your first override.


You can find our article in the documentation area :

alpha user point

Currently Vincent is working to integrate AlphaUserPoints in AllEvents.

AlphaUserPoints extension manages a point crédit for users. Every registration this credit is decreased by one point.

This plugin is currently to be finalized on the website of Vincent.