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json ld big day Since 3.3.1 version, AllEvents provides in the event lists, venues webpages with data so-called "structured". We present these structured data ("rich snippets") with the JSON-LD tag.

These structured data provide a better display of data to the user in case of search with a tool like.


Example of integration of the webpage :

richsnippets event

We can check that we retrieve data of the event, venue... 

current 32   Liveupdate manages Allevents updates from the panel control.

Pour activer le LiveUpdate dans AllEvents

Available only in Premium version

1-Get back the ID download

  1. Connect at

  2. Click on your Name and select  ID Download menu item:


  1. The webpage providing the dowload ID is displayed


  1. Copy the ID.

2- Declare the ID in AllEvents

  1. Connect to the administration part of your website

  2. Goto the administration part of Allevents,

  3. In Allevents options, fulfill this ID as shown in the picture :


  1. Don't forget to save.
    Its finished :)

2-Check the ID

To be sure that ID has well been taken into account, in the control panel, click on LiveUpdate (even if  « you have the latest version ») is mentioned and and click on  Refresh update information button.

The webpage is refreshed and the link with the downloadid defined in the options is displayed.



Disconnect from website (if not, download will use this connection and not the downloadid)


Click on the link and file should be downloaded. ===> All is OK

If not perform again the operations before get in touch with the support.