AllEvents Presentation

External calendar is used in several FullCalendar displays (full screen calendar, calendar module).

External calendar can be :

  • a local ICS file (icalendar format)
  • a remote ICS file
  • a google calendar (identification by the ID google).

Available only in Premium version.

A new feature comes with the 3.3 AllEvents 3.3 version: customized field.

This field can be added to the event form.

  • Definitive registration (YES/NO),
  • Luunch included (YES/NO)

Or in the registration form

  • Gender (Male/Female),
  • I will come with someone (YES/NO)

Available only with the Premium version

The panel of parametrization ia accessible to super-users. A lot of parameters are available to customize the displays as well in the administration part as in the user one.

A section is a second level information from Calendar.

For sure, you can do what you want, but you will find hereafter some examples thant can help you.

Sections for a school calendar might be :

  • nursery,
  • primary,
  • secondary,
  • ... 

Sections for a sportive calendar might be:

  • small class,
  • 6-12 years,
  • 12-18 years,
  • pros,
  • ...  

Sections for a cultural calandar might be :

  • Languages (to provide a categorization by languages)
  • Regional (to provide a categorization by regions/cities),
  • ...