AllEvents Presentation

The calandar is the main concept of AllEvents, the most complete in functionalities too: You can assign a thumbnail, a color, a template, a description model to a calendar, ... and all other concepts are  dependant conceptss: an activity, a target public, a section are second level of a calandar.

As soon as you want to group your events based on criteria (school, sportive, cultural, associatif, ...), the calendar concept is designed for that.

You like AllEvents, but for exampe, you want to provide a more significative name to the calendar regarding your activity, or public means scubadiver instructors…

The substitution  is the solution in order to avoid to modify the items in the ini file AllEvents at every new version !

It’s a native feature of Joomla! 3... Just use it...

Follow the next steps :

  • Goto the administration website and goto the menu Extensions>Languages management then the tag Substitutions
  • Select French (FR) - Administration in the Filter zone
  • Add here your translations instead of the language file. They will never be deleted and will still used first.

In our example if you want to see « Agendas » instead of « Calendars » in the main view, you just have to write COM_ALLEVENTS_TITLE_AGENDAS as chain and « Agendas » as text.

That’s so simple.

You can read a more complete article at cinnk website.

An activity category is a second level information from calendar.

For sure, you can do what you want, but you will find hereafter some examples thant can help you.

Activities for middle or high school might be :

  • exams,
  • parent-teacher meetings,
  • ... 

Activities for a sportive calendar might be:

  • training,
  • home matches,
  • outside matches,
  • lunchs
  • office meetings
  • ...  

Activities for a cultural calendar might be :

  • movies,
  • museum
  • theater,....

AllEvents is a french-belgium events management component for Joomla.


AllEvents can manage every kind of event whatever cultural, sportive, associatif, school, professionnal, ...  AllEvents provides a lot of features and especially an events calandar, a subscriptions management, several caldar modules and customizable lists, ...  AllEvents propose integrations avec several main components as Community Builder, JComments,... AllEvents integrates also the native support of several services  whose Google Map.

In addition of the classic sections/categories, AllEvents provides 3 additional possibilities of event classification: agenda (calendar), activity, target public and resource.

The full screen displays are largely adaptables to any kind of web site thanks to the several natively proposed parameters and the overwrite capainlities of AllEvents.

Management of access rights (who can do/see what) is managed until the lowest level: You can define user groups able to propose events, grant publishi or not access rights, subscription approval, ... 

Beside the AllEvents component, you can also download modules and plugins allowing to increase the fonctionalities of the  AllEvents solution: the frontend modules  will be able to display a monthly calendar, a list (several styles, display modes), a slider; the backend modules  will provide a faters access to the basic AllEvents. features. A lot of plugins integrate third components (Community Builder, Jcomments, social networks)

Quelques-unes des fonctionnalités de AllEvents (toutes disponibles en version starter) : 

  1. Système d'inscription intégré
  2. Plus de 100 paramètres globaux, un grand nombre de paramètres pour les vues
  3. Réécriture native des urls en mode SEF
  4. Un panneau de contrôle design, fonctionnel et personnalisable
  5. Une gestion atomique des droits d’accès : vous définissez exactement qui peut faire quoi
  6. Intégration avec un nombre croissant de composants populaires Joomla
  7. Des dizaines de filtres sur le backend et sur le frontend afin de n'afficher que les événements désirés
  8. Formulaire de proposition d’événements et d'édition sur le frontend. 
  9. Plusieurs plugins pour étendre les fonctionnalités de AllEvents
  10. Des modules génériques permettant l’affichage d’un calendrier mensuel ou des listes
  11. Support natif de Google Map v3
  12. Fils RSS

Different versions

AllEvents is available in 3 versions : starter, medium, premium. The starter version  is complete and limited to 20 events. The starter version is compliant wiath any personal website, website of a small or bigger association (village, events website, ...).

If you want to use AllEvents with more than 20 events we advice us  the medium version. 

If you want to use AllEventsin a commercial context , if you are a website integrator, if you want a privilged support or if you want take advantage from additional AllEvents features... feel free to upgrade to Premium version.

Buying a  medium or premiumversion is done for 12 moinths. After this period, your access to medium or premium version download will no longer be available, but your votre installation will fully remain functional and unlimited.

Technical Specifications

AllEvents minimal prerequisites: PHP 5.6>, MySQL 5.0.x and Joomla 3.6