AllEvents Presentation

Page presenting the module mod_aeuikit slider display.

AllEvents with uikit

About two weeks ago, Nicolas integrator of Joomla website living in the south of the France get in touch with me thru the inline chat:

"Godd morning, I get it this extension superb, Nevertheless, I consider that pictures are too small on  iPhone and smartphone, why don't use the uikit system uikit? I prefer implement an uikit class, so the pictures resize themselves de pending on the screen size. I use uikit for some time and it's frankly awesome".

So, we looked at this framework développed by Yootheme "templates editor" for Joomla.

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Page displaying the mod_aeuikit affichage slider module .

A request from an AllEvents user: to have a Google Maps view that get back all future events. As for the venue view but events oriented.

I don't know if you use Google Maps in your web sites, but it's very interesting to not use the red (pin) pointer as default value for every event. Indeed, Indeed, in a map that displays all your events in a geographic area, the pointer is the main driver in order to diffrentiate your events. 

 Standard icons

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