AllEvents Presentation

You are an advanced developer of Joomla component, you are looking for a solution to integrate the multi-language concept in your componnet ? This webpage is for you. In any other case, it will complete your general culture.

This article built as a tutorial intends tp explain how the multilanguage management has been integrated in the AllEvents component ( You will be able to adjust these codes to your project. The multilanguage wording is related to the translation at the data level  of the component. The native Joomla management is not adressed in this tutorial.

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On March, 22th,  2016, my Avast protection  alerts on "Other:Malware-gen[trj]" in my AllEvents folfer. The offending file is: modernizr.custom.min.js that is immediately deleted by Avast. I do a flase positive declaration. During the same day, a user informs me that he has the same issue.

This detection is surprizing as this file has not been modified for one year... (version 2.2.1 of modernizr). I have generated a new modernizr file in 3.3.1 and all is OK.

It will be available in the next version of AllEvents.

jsitemap pro

You want to do natural referencement of your website and of course index the proposed events..

We share with you experience of the website with  JSitemap PRO - Sitemap Data Sources. Price of paid varseion is 49$, but you have a real professional tool that makes all how is expected and that is fully custolmizable...

In order to reference your events :

  1. Download  datasources_allevents.txt file (file available when you are connected)
  2. Rename this file to allevents.json
  3. Goto administration part of the website
  4. Goto JSitemap PRO component. You are in the main page
  5. Click on first Sitemap Data Sources button Cliquez  
  6. In the next page click on Import sources button
  7. A new source AllEvents events is displayed

In order to see the look of the sitemap, goback to the main page of JSiteMap and click on Show HTML Sitemap.

For any question, feel free to get in touch with us thru the form.

AllEvents provides from starter version the capabilty to users to register to an event.

Three kinds of registration are possible :

  • I participate
  • I maybe participate
  • I don't participate

Every of these kind of registration performs sending of an email to the user, calendar administratotr, website administrator (as defined in allEvents options).

The user can modify the kind of registration until the last minute.