Before starting the implementation of an events mangament project, you have asked yourself about the topic. You now have a good idea about the main milestones of an events management project and ayou expect you to face some difficulties.
A lot of these projects don't complete (to not not say quickly fail) and it's still not due to the reasons that the project's holder expects.
We propose you in this article to raise 3 ignored or under-estimated traps by most of the events management projetc's holders.


When user needs are poorly expressed

Needs expression is the key point of this kind of projects and incidentally a matter of success or failure.

Eventually, the benefits of an events management only if the tool is well welcomed by the end users. Without creating events, without animation around them, the event management tool will become an additional component installed on your Joomla website. Bring an added value thanks to your event management and target your audience. We don't manage in the same way an open public event as an associative event reserved for members Think of advertising to make known your event that will not be the same one in each of cases.

When the component limit the needs

A quick user needs will leave the component take precedence over the user experience. The limitations of the component selected on the basis of partial needs will be seen only in use. These limitations will raise in the best case at the delivery to the customer, in the worst case such a time after the golive. Each of us knows the difficulty of reactivity in both cases.

Moreover, without a minimum of integration with the other main components of your website, event management component will have difficulties to attract and keep your users. If your users spend half their time using a mailing component, if you follow the SEO optimistion the website, you need to plan the integration of this component into your website.

Give time to the time

This may seem paradoxical, but integration can also fail because the component is deployed too quickly on your website. A golive too fast does'nt allow the handling of this new tool as well as your customer as end users. It is especially risky to deploy your component quickly as the first negative first feeling is difficult to cancel - users rarely come backto give a second chance to a component.