Today, the associations have to face some difficulties to complete their budget taking into account that local administrative concils decrease a lot their contribution.

So, they are stuck between the need to maintain their quality mission and the one to find other funding sources without taking the risk to be put into debt.

This article intends to explain how to increase its autonomy

Regarding public policies. A lot of us are aware but don't act:, now the public policiers will no longer promote running expenses.

It's stated that several associations are in danger due to their too much dependency to public contribution. This leads to a quality decrease of their performance. So the number of members (that is a real resource) decreases too due to a less satisfaction.

This kind of report is usual. If you read this text and that you reccognize these stakes, good new, you are no longer alone. You will never again will hope an external help unless....Public policies will not be so generous and it's not circumstantial.  We have check since 2008a latent but inexorable drop of public contributionsThis is indeed structural behavior. You will have to rely on other forms of resource.

The smallest associations are from far the most affected. So what kind of resources can we aim to achieve a greater autonomy? Associations need to think outside their own structure. Explore the companies, the audience  (not necessarly subscribers or contributors or even similar associations). The main resource is the one from subscriptions.

It makes sense for an association manager to know this formula!: « More membership for more cash ». But have you thought of turning your adherent into a real ambassador of your cause? Is not a small number of assiduous adherents better than the reverse?

Have you thought about offers that would delight your member and make him more actively involved in the various actions of the association?

Every member deserves special attention for an active contribution to the financial well-being of your association, whether by donation, renewal, volunteering, or contribution (usual practice).

The second main resource for your association is your trendmark.. It is essential to take into account the value of the trendmark you are carrying. License fees are often minimized. We imagine that this is reserved to the most important associations: It is not the case.

An artisan or an employee can claim rights on its manufacture. An alone architect can claim rights to the trendmark.. You can always imagine a partnership with a manufacturer for objects that are related to your missions.

For example, beer from the Monts des cats: "The monks of this abbey have signed a contract of the trendmark with a Belgian brewery to use their name on a beer."

The third resource of an association is the invitation. The invitation to an event is a wealth that keeps your association alive all the year. My parents take part in this kind of event: mainly cultural events such as opening, antique fairs.

Organizing this kind of event with old methods would be grotesque today. Too often, I have used hammers and nails to plant advertising billboards all over Flanders. I mostly distributed illegally flyers at the Lille sale.

Every year, my father passed, as president of the association, to court for our advertising escapades. Imagine today how far it would go ...

Today, the invitation has more value than the event.

Yes, the invitation has more value because it is customizable, adaptable and targeted. Consider an usual event and inside it, show the real value of your missions to interested people. You have the opportunity to act on two sides:

You invite in a VIP square the most passionate people (for example a local sporting event) and charge a high entrance fee with some special attentions (without creating a courtyard). Invitations of this type can bring unexpected money. It is rarely thought that people would pay to satisfy their pride, even in the context of simple local manifestations. Experimenting this would cost you nothing but would bring in so much more.

You invite people who influence your sector in order to obtain relational wages ... . This practice is more common, especially for journalists.

The successes of your association: the relationships you maintain. Really, the financial success of your association depends on the trendmark you send back but also on the relationship you have with

  1. Representatives of the public authorities
  2. Subscribers
  3. Donors
  4. Audiences of your target mission

Your events are the keys of your resources. They are the main sources of your trendmark, the relationship with your members, the public and representatives of public authorities, concerned about the good life of their city.

It's the one that you will make you to win a trophy, a season, a year of existence. Your target is looking for above all simplicity, authenticity, but are still demanding. The promise must fit the reality. Eliminate blocking points through the development of procedures you can repeat the next time. Limit external invoices by inviting members to participate in the realization of the event.

Automating all these procedures will make your event a guaranteed success.