AllEvents is a success story in the scubadiving associations, why? 

Usage of addons of mailing like Acymailing and social networking tools like Community Builder makes AllEvents as a custom tool completly fulfillling its needs. Indeed a scubaduving association:

  • Manage recurring events (the scubadiving events")
  • Inform its members about these events 
  • Manage the registrations to these events 
  • Manage the specificities of the scubadiving activity like:: degree of diver, validity date of medical certificates and subscriptions, boat capacity  subscriptions check, etc

Thanks to its parameters (resource, public, venue, etc) linked to events, AllEvents can display the events caracteristics: capacity, minimal scuba-dinving degree of participants, etc...

A software of social networking like Community Builder provides the capability to create all the required fields of subadiving activity linked to a person. Thanks to its, Community Builder plugin, AllEvents get back all these fields and displays them in the registration list. The scubadinving manager has at a glance the complete list of the registered divers with all the needed administrative information.

The Acymaling integration plugin provides the capability to send mailing to the members by getting back all the information related to the events and to include them in the mailing.So the members are informed about all the events and their caracteristics and can register himself by one click.