A new joomla extension is available in the world of events management components: https://dj-extensions.com/dj-events

A short feedback about its dsicovery.


No download issur. A FREE extension, well designed. Simple and efficient. Less than 500kB.

dj events1


Installation as many other ones. A clear and efficient message at he end of the installation.

Main screen

We are a little bit disappointed, 5 buttons in a complete Joomla screen. It's not too much.

dj events2

Parameters management

Over standard parameters as date format, Number of events to display, there is a parameters management for upload and pictures. Interesting.

Catgeories management

The event catagory is specific to the component (no usage of the com_categories component from joomla). Efficient. I have pretty liked the type of icon to display : None / Font Awesome + zone of text/ Image icon + file). Text colors  backend coloers are distinguised too.

dj events3

Events management

Events data: there is no surprise: Title and description are managed topics...

Date Time management: Big surprise ! a management of the recurrence with date exception and adding. it's a a bi plus compared to other omponents.

Media : a nice management of the media linked to the event : video, list of pictures

Venue : a little disapointment. The link is directly inserted in the event. So, if you have two events in the same location, you have to fufil again the address.

Publsihing options, we get back the standard data.

dj events4

Display in front

An efficient and simple display in list mode. I have apprecited a lot the capability  to switch in week display where the only events of the currentweek are displayed. It's possible to jump between weeks.


A very interesting component without compete the former components, it provides the capaility t o manage siply your events. Neither too much paramaterization s nor customization... so if you just want fufil and display events, let's just have a try.