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T2 Area is a website including the whole long range triathlons longue distance spread all arounf the France.

Here is a part of requested specifications to fulfill my former needs:

  • Capability to group all the competitions depending on the sports (thru the "calendars“)
  • Capability to group all the competitions depending on the run ranges (thru the “activities”)
  • Capability to group all the competitions depending on the regions of France (thru the “sections”)
  • I needed to modify all the banners and bullets of all these categories
  • Capability to modify the logo and the poster
  • Capability to insert in any event a map locating the place of the competition with the possibility to do a route calculation
  • A map including all the events. It must be customizable with possibility to have filters based on dates and calendars
  • 100% compliant with Community Builder to manage the registration list

AllEvents meets all my former specifications. Sur certaines demandes particulières, Emmanuel has adjusted his component to meet some specific requirements by challenging the solutions with other AllEvents users.


Here are some webpage examples of my website generated with AllEvents Premium :

An usual event :

The evnts list :

The evnts list :


The associative world counts in France 1 300 000 associations. Among these associations 317 000 are sportive ones. As in every association they have:

  • A chairman and eventually a deputy chairman
  • One secretary or more
  • One paymatsrship manager or more
  • Members
  • Instructors

Let's see the example of and soprtive multi-activities associationvités whose scuba-diving is part of and let's see how this association can take advantage of Joomla to make easy its events management.

A long as the sportive association has less that a ten of members, topics are easy to manage on a table corner. However, it's not the daily business of our sportive association: Marseille Sports Loisirs Culture (MSLC).

Executive board of MSLC include a chairman, a paymatsrship manager, a deputy paymatsrship manager, a secretary, a deputy secretary, Members of the executive board and  190 members splitted in four sections whose 70 in the "scubadiving activities" one.

This association has first decided to set up an Internet website in order to enlarge his audience.

One out of his members "a little bit geek"  has managed the topic.

The Excutive Committee has selected a domain name nad the geek guy has selected a hoster. After a glance of free available CMS (solution of content management system), the geek has selected Joomla that will be used to build and update the webpages easily by other mebers who are not IT guys. The Joomla tutorials are sufficient to install it without any issue and any phonecall to the hoster: wonderful. 

Once, the webpage editor installed, a theme has to be chosen for the association. Nothing so easy, we have just to search a little bit to have a set of themes for an association that will provide a look a little bit more fun to the web site.

Communication by email or sms demonstrates quickly its capacity and Joomla alone doesn't provide a flexible management of events. So it's there that a component of events management for Joomla get in the game. The goal is to be able to create, update and follow up easily in a reactive way the events of the scubadiving section  and other ssections of the association. Indeedn, even for a not so big association de taille moyenne, the management of scuba-diving needs to take into account a lot of parameters such as the boats capacity, management of degrees of scuba-divers  and instructor and their qualification, time life of medical certificates, management of membership, etc. A strict regulation intending to play the activity in the best safety conditions governs all these parameters. 

So MSLC manages about 150 events every year of several types:

  • Scubadiving events performed from its place or other one
  • Trek events performed in the district area
  • Theory or practical training
  • Shareholders' Meeting of the association or the section
  • Party events
  • The yearly visual contral of diving tanks
  • ...

So, without an easy solution to handle thru Joomla and able to be managed by the various autorized people, asll thes tasks should be quickly unmanageable because every event can be modified by all the instructors. AllEvents, thanks to its integration capacity with the other Joomla components  and its large set of featiures is the ideal tool to perform this management and the related communication. 

So without a such component for Joomla is the best way to spend more time in the water than in front of a computer…

Today, the associations have to face some difficulties to complete their budget taking into account that local administrative concils decrease a lot their contribution.

So, they are stuck between the need to maintain their quality mission and the one to find other funding sources without taking the risk to be put into debt.

This article intends to explain how to increase its autonomy

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Calendar, Agenda, Outlook, Google Agenda, Facebook Events... as many usual current words to remind us as at work, we are driven by the time. Not the time displayed by our watch or you office clock... No! the time of events, appointments, conferences, parties with friends...

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