Management of events

It's possible with Premium version: /fr/documentation/administration/import-fichier-ics

This feature is not available in the starter version.

on Tuesday June 27 by jpp
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Yes, in premium version you can create a recurrent event.

At the saving, the systme will create an event for each occurence of your event.

on Sunday October 29 by RamonSoer
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We have noted this too. It's due to the AllEvents router file. It's corrected in the next version 3.4.7.

If you want, we can send it to to you be e-mail.

on Monday November 13 by jpp
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When registrations to an event are autorized, list display of the registrations in frontend can beset to "Nonody", "the creator" or "managed by ACL"  (?)

Could we add too the option "everybody", "a group (for example: Super Users)?


==> ACL is a  Joomla acronym. it means permissions. You just need to add this right in the group autorizations. 

AllEvents -> Parameters -> Rights -> Gorup -> Registrations visible in Fornt - > Allowed



on Monday November 13 by jpp
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There are three ways to manage multi-languages:

Different events, categories, menu links, etc by language
It's the usual Joomla! way. The disadvantage is that you different events with separate registrations, etc. All is separate without any issue.

Use the provided tags in the backend to manage the title and the description for any event.

Use language Joomla overrides for the title, etc.
For example, define the title of the event in COM_ALLEVENTS_MON_EVENEMENT_TITLE, then create the language Joomla override. For additional information about the language overrides, goto the Wording Modification (Language overrides).


on Tuesday March 14 by jpp
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In date of 02/03/2017, I didn't kow ESS...

As reminder, ESS is described in video presentation of the ESS solution. To summarize, it's a RSS flow for events.

Generating an ESS flow AllEvents events is possible... and not too complex.

It's an idea to digg... If tou are interested in, send me an e-mail :)

on Wednesday March 08 by manu
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