I want change a wording in my website. Language override or Substitution ?

You like AllEvents, but for exampe, you want to provide a more significative name to the calendar regarding your activity, or public means scubadiver instructors…

The substitution  is the solution in order to avoid to modify the items in the ini file AllEvents at every new version !

It’s a native feature of Joomla! 3... Just use it...

Follow the next steps :

  • Goto the administration website and goto the menu Extensions>Languages management then the tag Substitutions
  • Select French (FR) - Administration in the Filter zone
  • Add here your translations instead of the language file. They will never be deleted and will still used first.

In our example if you want to see « Agendas » instead of « Calendars » in the main view, you just have to write COM_ALLEVENTS_TITLE_AGENDAS as chain and « Agendas » as text.

That’s so simple.

You can read a more complete article at cinnk website.

on Thursday March 02 by manu
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