How display my events as a calendar in a module?

As for all the modules, you have to provide a title, choose to display or not this name and assigne a position in your Template. Don't forget too to select the pages that display this module.

1 – Title

2 – Selection of the calendar: several choices are proposed

3 – Color to use: what is the calendar / activity topic whose colors will be used to display the events.

4 – Background color: either we use the background color or the text color (reversion of colors).

5 – What is the first day of the week?

6 – Number of events: in the case of the « Calendar + List » calendar, allows to define the number of events got back in the list below the calendar.

In the Filter tag, you can define the filters of your various topics

The « Only hots »filter allows to only select the featured events.

Once you have defined all the parameters, save your module.

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