Module Based on uikit

The module 'mod_aeuikit’ displays a list of events by filters and the chosen display type.

5,00 €

Extension: Module
Version: 3.4
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 3.7.*


Choose your layout

Choose a target Item Menu


Filters by dates periods

Filters by calendars, activities...

Featured Events

My events are not displayed

If you want to display the events on the AllEvents – Module Based on uikit, you should make sure that:

  • The module or plugin is published (obviously)
  • The module assigned to a visible module position. There can be many module positions listed for you to select, but make sure that the module position you select is visible in front-page.
  • The module is assigned to a menu. When you want to display a module on specific menus, you need to assign it to the menus.
  • The filters selected have events (obviously).
  • Your entities filtred are published.

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