Plugin AllEvents – Phoca Download

Enables some Phoca Download links in the event description.

9,00 €

Extension: Plugin
Version: 3.4
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 3.7.*



Enables some Phoca Download links in the event description.

Phoca Download

link to Phoca Download Sections

link to Phoca Download Section

link to Phoca Download Category

link to Phoca Download File


You need to install and enable this plugin if you want to have this feature in your website.

box pdl


Link to Phoca Download Sections (Phoca Download Component)

{phocadownload view=sections|target=b}

Link to Phoca Download Section (Phoca Download Section)

{phocadownload view=section|id=3|target=b}

Link to Phoca Download Plugin Category (Phoca Download Plugin Category)

{phocadownload view=category|id=35|target=b}

Link to Phoca Download File (Phoca Download Plugin File)

{phocadownload view=file|id=280}

You can use following attributes:

  • view: (Phoca Download 1) sections|section|category|file|fileplay|fileplaylink|filepreviewlink|youtube
  • view: (since Phoca Download 2)categories|category|filelist|file|fileplay|fileplaylink|filepreviewlink|youtube
  • text: text (title) which will be displayed in the content article as a link
  • id: id of section|category|file
  • target: target of the link (b ... _blank, t ... _top, s ... _self, p ... _parent)
  • playerwidth: width of the player - for playing e.g. flv files
  • playerheight: height of the player
  • playerheightmp3: height of the player in case MP3 file will be played
  • previewwidth: widht of the popup window for previewing the file (PDF)
  • previewheight: height of the popup window for previewing the file
  • youtubewidth: width of the youtube player
  • youtubeheight: height of the youtube player
  • url: link to Youtube video ( example: phocadownload view=youtube|url=
  • limit: (since Phoca Download 2) uses in filelist view - the list of files can be limited

In parameters of this plugin you can set size of icons displayed next to link (16, 32, 64).