Plugin Payments – Paypal

This plugin allows you to use Paypal payment gateway for processing payment in AllEvents extension.

9,00 €

This plugin needs a PREMIUM version to work. It's included in a Premium version. This page's product is only to presnt you the features of this plugin.

Extension: Plugin
Version: 3.4
Type: Commercial
Compatibility: 3.7.*



When users enrol for your events, if the event is a paid event (price > 0), user will have to pay for his enrolment to complete the registration pricess.


Paypal Standard API (IPN Validation, Sanbox Mode/Developer)

No need for an SSL certificate

Transaction ID, All Paypal Transaction history in database for technical inspection

Registrants are redirected back to your site after payment.


You need to install and enable this plugin if you want to have this feature in your website.



Configure Paypal Plugin

  • Login to your Joomla admin
  • Go to Extensions => Plugin Manager => Payment - Paypal.
  • Fill the required details and save it.
Enter Paypal email Address Enter the Paypal Email associated with your Paypal account.
Enable sandbox mode Set Yes for Sandbox (Test Mode) if you are testing the system and set it to No when you go live. Please note that if you use Test Mode, you will need to register for a sandbox Paypal account (you could not use your real Paypal account in Test Mode)
secure post(use https)? Use https for secure post
Plugin Name Set the Plugin name display in the event
Log payment gateway responses Turn this on only if payment not working correctly & you want do debug it.