Plugin Search – AllEvents

Native plugin for standard Search in AllEvents events

Extension: Plugin
Version: 3.4
Type: Free
Compatibility: 3.7.*



Enables the global Joomla search to return results from the events calendar.


Search in event's titles and descriptions and in calendar, category, section,... titles.

Options for include past events, unpublished events, archived events and to limit the number of events returned.


You need to install and enable this plugin if you want to have this feature in your website.

Install the plugin

  1. Download the extension to your local machine as a zip file package.
  2. From the backend of your Joomla site (administration) select Extensions >> Manager, then Click the Browse button and select the extension package on your local machine. Then click the Upload & Install button to install module.
  3. Go to Extensions >> Plugin, find and click on Editors-xtd – AllEvents. Then enable it.

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