Support Desk

For each case, choose the best way to contact us :

For any technical or usage question, thanks to to use the AllEvents forum at
Frequent questions about AllEvents: real dictionary of main asked questions.
If you find a bug, thanks to inform us using the Bitbucket issue management system.
To directly contact us, use the Livechat at the bottom right of the webpage or the contact form.

Get Fast and Adaptive Support

Found a bug in one of our products? Please provide us steps to replicate the issue and we will make sure it never happens again.

Our support is always help you identify technical issues and give you tips on how to configure our extensions.

3rd party products
Our extensions and templates are tested to work flawlessly on a clean Joomla installation. If they don't work with 3rd party extensions or templates, we can help you to locate the issue but we can't guarantee to fix the problem.

If your website is on localhost then there is little we can do to help you. In this case please upload your website to a live server before opening a ticket.

Old versions
If you are using an older version of a product or an older version of Joomla we can't help you unless you update to the latest versions.

Existing errors
If there are errors in your website caused by 3rd party extensions or templates, you must solve these errors before asking for support for our products.

All customizations are out of support scope but you can use our paid customization service for small projects.

Server & Hosting
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you. You will have to sort it out with your hosting provider.

Expired Subscriptions
We cannot guarantee that older versions of our products will continue to function indefinetely with the latest version of Joomla or the latest versions of 3rd party extensions and templates. Support is available to paying customers with active subscriptions. If your subscription has expired and you need support, you must renew your subscription.

Refund Policy

AllEvents takes pride in serving the Joomla! comunity for over 8 years and we hope you find our products useful. Refunds are available without any conditions. You must request it within the first 48 hours after payment completion. Refunds are not applicable on support plans, custom development and other premium services.