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Alternative Layout List of 17 layouts
Number of events [Number] 1 - 20  
Filters - Activity Select one or more activities to display
Filters - Calendar   Select one or more calendars to display
Filters - Category   Select one or more categories to display
Filters - Venue   Select one or more venues to display
Filters - Public   Select one or more publics to display
Filters - Section   Select one or more sections to display
Filters - Resource   Select one or more resources to display
Filters - Only Featured? Yes / No  
Filters - Only with registration? Yes / No  
Filters - Event created from List of users Select the creator user
Display of event's data  
Display title Yes / No  
Pivot entity activity / calendar / category  
Backcolor forecolor / backcolor  
Period to display All /  Next & current / Pasted & Current / Today  
Events sorted by date / enddate / most viewed  
Display 'All' link Yes / No  
All events URL    
Target Item Menu List of menus  
Display 'no event' Yes / No  
Length Number length of the text to display